Barbro Behrendtz Genealogy

Pedigrees Emigrants (surname list)

My name is Barbro Behrendtz and my maiden name was Södergren.
Ten years ago I started with genealogy. It was my father that introduced
me to it. I'm a member of the Society Östgöta Genealogiska Förening and
also secretary of the board.

I have a lot more work to do with my pedigrees but very often I have a break
and work with other things. My big love, besides my family, is Gärdserum parish
in province Småland (today Gärdserum belongs to Åtvid's parish in Östergötland).
Records from the church started late in Gärdserum, about 1703. I have discovered
that the priest forgot to make notes for many births, deaths and marriages. It's one
of my biggest challenges, trying to find persons who lived in Gärdserum, by reading
other records (juridical, rates). I have made my own database of all the people I
have found. I've got the period 1703-1850 in my computer. If you have questions
about Gärdserum please ask.

Another exciting research area of mine is in Finnerödja parish, Västergötland.
One ancestor of my grandmother Karin came from Vallonien. His name was
Jöran Paillardel, he lived with his family in Östergötland. In about 1683 he worked
at Skagersholms Bruk in Finnerödja. Bertil I W Kjelldorff does a lot of research of
early members of the Paillardel family. His work has given me a lot of help.